Conocé al Team Sitel proveniente de todas las partes de Nicaragua, solo debés darle click al departamento que querás descubrir. ¡Y recordá! #LoMejorDeNicaraguaEstáAquí.

Total team Sitel de RAAN : 90 + X

Total team Sitel de RAAS : 300 + X

Total team Sitel de Rio San Juan : 5 + X

Total team Sitel de Chontales : 20 + X

Total team Sitel de Boaco : 24 + X

Total team Sitel de Matagalpa : 50 + X

Total team Sitel de Jinotega : 20 + X

Total team Sitel de Nueva Segovia : 10 + X

Total team Sitel de Madriz : 3 + X

Total team Sitel de Estelí : 35 + X

Total team Sitel de Chinandega : 60 + X

Total team Sitel de León : 100 + X

Total team Sitel de Managua : 1500 + X

Total team Sitel de Masaya : 130 + X

Total team Sitel de Carazo : 110 + X

Total team Sitel de Granada : 110 + X

Total team Sitel de Rivas : 25 + X



















  1. hi..i am vicente, and i would like to know if you give any training to be part of sitel
    i only have fifht level …this s my cell number 87043364…please if u can let me know as soon as posible..asap

  2. Hi everyone.
    I like your tip´s videos, but I have a questions; what kind of of job is what you do there.
    I have been curious about that. I have practiced my english for 4 year, I have practiced it 24/7.
    I´m not bragging still I need to learn more.
    I have not visited you becouse I´m not sure what you do?

  3. Hello team! i have engish advanced for join to the best team of Nicaragua SITEL. i am avaible now and improving each day to give the best of me in the interview. Also i am a freelancer with a lot of skills at B2B and others great skills like musician.

  4. hello sitel, i would want to know how can i do to apply at sitel nicaragua, i am a university students and i want to apply at sitel but i do not know what is my english grade, so how can i do for know?if you can send me a answer i gonna thank you.

  5. Hello

    I am English Teacher for Beginners, teens, and I would like to teach young people with a social project by myself to motivate them and then summit to SITEL,according my experience there are a lots of younger with desires to learn English ,but they don’t have resources or enough budget to pay an English course.
    I appreciate any information or some Didactic Materials from you to help us and develop in classes and so students get ideas abouth what are they going to do in those kind of companies.

    waiting for news


    1. Hi Santiago, sounds really good, I’d advise you to visit us at the Former U.S Embassy Site so they can send your request to the proper channel 🙂

  6. Hi, I am a former employee of sitel, I worked for caopone and Maceys and I would like to get back to Capone, to be honest i believe is one of the best campaing for you to work. If I can apply can you contact me at 87023836

  7. Hello my name is Luis and i would love to join the citel team but i have not made a resume ,is that a issue or not? Would like to Apply or if possible would like to come in for a interview!!! Thank you ,

  8. Hey Sitel team… My name is Julio and i have experience in cold call sales and customer service as well. have a question…. are this postions in Managua only? I am from Leon.

  9. Hi, last week i went to sitel in order to apply for a job, I took all the tests required and I had some interviews as well but the third interview really got me upset, cause the person I was talking to started asking me things about costumer service and he asked me about what sitel does, sells and the campaigns it currently has,I did not know all the answer I really did my best and he told he could not give me a chance to get into sitel if i dont know everything a costumer service employee should know. He told me to take two weeks to study and look for information related to what he asked me. I came up to one of my classmates who has been working for sitel since 2014 and she told me He should not have asked me those things cause I am supposed to learn that, in the courses given before a campaign starts. That day I went with my best friend and when I asked him what the inteviewer told him, he told they both were discussing about the schedule and not about those things. Im pretty confused cause my friend was given a handout that indicated the health exams he got to take, and the documents he needs to give to sitel. why was the whole proces difficult to me?

  10. Hola! soy Lester Benjamin de Diriamba, Carazo, Nicaragua. Quisiera estar en el grupo de trabajo de SITEL. Existe posibilidad de entrar en esta temporada de Diciembre 2016!! o debo esperar hasta el otro ano!

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