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  1. I worked in SITEL during 3 months and a half, unfortunately I leaved the job cuz my university in Estelí but it was the greatest job experience in my life, I hope you guys open a new call center in the northern region, in Estelí, think about it, Estelí, Matagalpa, Jinotega, Madriz, Nueva Segovia laso people from Honduras, it could be awesome SITEL innovating and being the first call center out of Managua, thanks SITEL for my chance I hope to go back soon, may be I can see you here in the northern region.

  2. Me gustaría una cita para aplicar al programa. y saber cuando dará inicio la capacitación
    por favor envíenme repuesta pronto. gracias

  3. I would like to apply but my schedule is from 1 PM to 6 PM, I am an student at UCA university this is my third year and I just have time in the mornings.. is there a chance to work in the morning half time and complete the rest of the hours on weekends?

  4. Hi, I would like to get a chance to apply for SITEL but i don”t known how can i do it.I would like to work for SITEL

    1. Hi 😀 it is good to know you are interested in being part of Sitel Dominic. In order to apply to our Customer Service/Sales or Tech support Positions you need to have:
      · Excellent Communication Skills
      · Advanced Customer Service Skills
      · Software Skills in windows and Microsoft Office
      · Passion to grow in a global company
      · Advanced English

      To apply go here 🙂

  5. The pleasure and benefit is huge indeed. I would like to get a position there and obtain more knowledges about the English language within the Sitel company, I studied English some years ago, now I have twenty nine years old, the age is not problem for apply?

  6. thanks for letting me to apply . I consgratulate you for giving oportunities to many people. I hope to get an answer from you soon. Bye

  7. WOW!!!, Hi , guys i have read all your comments, and it really sounds great!!!, i would really like to have this experince working with you guys, be part of you,, how can i do?.

  8. Hi!
    I would like to work in SITEL but im no sure of my level of english
    i think 50 or 60 % so. i want to try apply at the job. may you can help me?

  9. Hello I hope that you have good day , I want to know many things about the company I’m interested to work in sitel therefore I want to know exactly what is sitel ?

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